Hola a Todos!

I’ve officially been here one week, and to recognize that, I decided to borrow the idea of some of the other students here and start a blog. Since this is a Study abroad program, I thought it would be fun to write a bit about what I’ve learned this week, both in the classroom and in the city, starting with last Sunday, the day I arrived in Oaxaca.

Sunday, I arrived in Oaxaca after flying into Mexico City around 4 in the afternoon the day before, and I learned that meeting up with fellow students in a foreign country would be much easier with cell phones, or walkie-talkies, or Harry-Potter-style owls, or at least some form of communication. I also learned that the Benito Juarez Airport has multiple taxi stations, so if you’re planning to use it as a meeting place, make sure you specify which one. I also learned, after taking the midnight bus to Oaxaca with a fellow student, that the buses are comfortable enough to sleep on, although I cannot recommend them over a bed.

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