Options, options

You are given two options for arriving to Oaxaca, Mexico you can get a flight that can send you to Oaxaca or you have the option of getting a flight to Mexico City and then taking a bus that will drive you to Oaxaca while you enjoy the beautiful scenery!

Arriving to Mexico City & taking the bus

"Sunday, I arrived in Oaxaca after flying into Mexico City around 4 in the afternoon the day before, and I learned that meeting up with fellow students in a foreign country would be much easier with cell phones, or walkie-talkies, or Harry-Potter-style owls, or at least some form of communication. I also learned that the Benito Juarez Airport has multiple taxi stations, so if you’re planning to use it as a meeting place, make sure you specify which one. I also learned, after taking the midnight bus to Oaxaca with a fellow student, that the buses are comfortable enough to sleep on, although I cannot recommend them over a bed." Sydney Otey '14

Arriving to Oaxaca airport

Coming off the plane you realize that the airport is actually really small and there is no way you will be able to get lost in it and there is literally only one door to the exit. As soon as you walk through the doors you will see a lot of people outside waiting for their families and your host family will also be there (usually with a sign with your name on it) and the host families seem to like to scrunch all together in one area because you most likely will be arriving with other PLU and UPS students!

"Upon arriving at the Oaxaca airport, my worries were quickly assuaged. There I was greeted by my wonderful host family who have proven to be nothing but some of the most kind, gracious, welcoming people I have ever met. Despite having students constantly rotating in and out of their house for the past almost twenty years, I have watched them welcome me and the other students who have come through during my time here with open arms and a sincere interest in getting to know us all better." Molly Ivey '18

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