Living with another family

Living away from home and in a different country can be ultimately scary to think of and can make someone very nervous. However, the school does a great job trying to pair you with a host family that fits with what you described as your "ideal" family. This is where you will be living for the 4 months you are there and where you will receive your breakfast and lunch.

The Ups

"I can always count on my host mom and sister at every meal to educate me on some fun new fact about Oaxaca or Mexico in general; my host grandma to tell a story that has the whole table laughing hysterically, and the two dogs to greet me everyday when I get home as if I’d been gone for a month! They go above and beyond, always cheering me up when I’ve had a rough day and reminding me “tu puedes!” whenever I think that I can’t do something. Studying abroad come with many challenges from being stressed about schoolwork, missing home, vomiting your guts out after a questionable meal, or just feeling overwhelmed trying to study and live while speaking your second language, Yet, I have found that living with people who bring you joy eases all the pain of these not so fun experiences and has allowed me to better get to know the people and cultures of Oaxaca." -Molly '18

They go above and beyond, always cheering me up

"What makes the Oaxaca program so special is that you get the opportunity to live with a host family for the entirety of your stay, which really immerses you into their lives, food, and culture. You are able to develop deeper relationships" -Camille LaRocca '17

"The people are the friendliest and always willing to help you out with whatever you need. They embrace you from the moment they meet you and invite you to become part of their family. By the time it is time to go, you know you have a family to return to in Oaxaca. The whole community is a large family!" Jamie Escobar '16

The people are the friendliest

"On Sunday, I went to Mass (la misa) with my family at a beautiful cathedral. It was a very interesting experience and I’m glad I went, but it was also a little uncomfortable for me. I loved the singing, the exquisite architecture and art, and participating with my family in something that is very important to them." Ellie Lapp '14

Like there are ups, there are some downs

I went to Oaxaca in the group of 2018 and as much as what the people above said is true, I had a different experience, HOWEVER, that does not mean that this difference was a bad thing. I was put into a host family that in the beginning was amazing but over the some weeks things became intolerable, it was hard for me to speak up but I finally spoke to my professor and the ICO. They made the process of moving me to a new home very smooth and without confrontation or anger which was my biggest fear. Even though, it took me a long time to speak up, when I did I was so grateful I did! I was put into an amazing home with a family that was very similar to my family. Also, their grandchildren came over every weekend and I LOVE kids! So overall, I would say make sure that you really love who you are living with because it can really make or break your time there, do not be afraid to speak up! -Melissa Escobedo '18

I was put into an amazing home

This is with my second homestay family. To this day we still message each other from Whatsapp & always asks me when I am coming back to Oaxaca!

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