The first section

The first section is where you will have your Spanish intensivo and you can also have an intercambio and join a salsa class for PE credit.

"Classes began and I learned how to find my way to the ICO, the Instituto Cultural Oaxaca, where I’ll be studying this semester. We took our placement test and had an orientation. Spanish class from 9 to 1, and then a break for “La Comida,” the big meal of the day. Meeting with our Intercambios at 3, Salsa from 4 to 6, and dinner as a group afterward. The Intercambio, or exchange, is a partnership through the ICO with a local student who is learning English, and we spend half the time speaking English and half the time speaking Spanish, and it’s great for learning vocabulary words and idioms. For example, the English term “to stand someone up” on a date or meeting or the like, translates to “dejar plantado,” in Spanish." Sydney Otey '14


The intercambio is totally optional but it is such a great idea! For one, you get to practice your Spanish with someone who is friendly and honestly have nothing to be scared about making mistakes because these people are also learning English and will probably make mistakes as well. Also you get to speak English so you don't forget it!

In addition, you are meeting someone who has lived all their life in Oaxaca so they know around the city and you will most likely gain a friend out of this who you could potentially hang out with outside of the ICO. It is nice to step out of the group you go with and make friends.


Optional Salsa class

This is a great class just because it gets you moving and really gives you something to look forward to! You also are learning the main and most popular dance in Oaxaca. Salsa is super popular in Oaxaca and if you master it, you will have a great time at the many salsa clubs that are in the centro! This also allows you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

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