The process

As you go into the third section of being in Oaxaca, you get to choose to do an internship or an art class. However, we have Martha Aparicio who comes and helps us find the perfect internship that fits your wants and interests. You have a meeting where every internship is explained and you select which one is the one you want to take and if none really works for you, Martha will work very hard in finding something that does interest you.

The different internships

"Before picking our internships we did some exercises that helped narrow our interests and finally went on a tour of the possible facilities that we could do our internships at. I got to spend time at a facility whose goal is to educate children with Down syndrome so that as they grow up they may be able to live an independent life. This school would also provide physical therapy, occupational therapy and would invite people from a variety of medical backgrounds to help the parents become informed about their child’s disability. To this day I keep contact with them and after 7 years of having opened this school they now have a volunteering system because of their continual growth. Going to Oaxaca was definitely a life changing experience that I would quickly choose to do again in a heartbeat!" Jamie Escobar '16

"What also makes the program so cool is that you have the opportunity to take an internship there and they will find an organization that fits with what you want to do or are interested in. I personally did my internship at a public health organization called Puente A La Salud, or Bridge to Health. It was a great experience!" Camille LaRocca '17

"I worked with kids with Down syndrome and it was honestly the most amazing and challenging experiences I've ever had. Not only did I become really attached to the children but I also made connections with all the teachers and now were all friends on Facebook and still talk! The founders are an amazing wife and husband that are so caring and loving, they made me feel so welcomed and just at home. They still contact me and like all my pictures on Facebook! This is such a valuable organization and is totally worth looking into!

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